Monday, September 23, 2013

Pumps in Parallel, Pumps in Series Connection

Two Pumps Connected in Parallel

- purpose: to pump fluid in higher capacities, higher volume, higher amount

- head is constant (total dynamic head is the same, uniform)

- higher discharge volumes

- increase in total pumping capacity

- add flowrates of pumps

Total Flow = Flowrate of Pump1 + Flowrate of Pump2

Q = q1 + q2

Two Pumps Connected in Series

- purpose: to pump fluid in higher elevation, higher height, higher level

- fluid flowrate is constant (the same, uniform)

- higher discharge heights

- increase in total dynamic head

- add heads of pumps 

Total Dynamic Head = Head of Pump1 + Head of Pump2

TDH = H1 + H2

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